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Why I Killed My Mother     

Written and performed by Dor Zweigenbom
Winner of The Teatroneto, Israel one man show festival
Will Be performed in English

Judges Decision for the prize awarded:

"Why I Killed My Mother" is a sharp and cynical play, which bears great pain. It tells the story of a complicated relationship between the hero and his mother. The prize is awarded for an original work, that is personal, touching and powerful. For the ironic, wild and virtuous acting, and for the imaginative direction. By means of charisma and sharp wit, Dor grabs the audience from the very first moment and takes them on an emotional rollercoaster through a complex and harsh relationship between a teenage boy and his mother. The voice of this teenager is unique like the voice of this excellent actor. This is a true celebration of theatre.


Reviews in the journals


Yedioth Achronot\ Shai  Bar  Yaakov

Zweigenbom succeeds to integrate a lot of humor into the story, and at the same time weaves in his ambivalent feelings towards his mother. The reflexive element gives the drama a sophisticated and special quality of a profound soul searching, and in one instance is captivated in a brilliant grotesque scene. With the help of the director, Hanoch Reim, Zweigenbom has succeeded to create a moving and funny show, virtuosic in its execution and brilliant in its concept. A show that doesn't fear to ask difficult questions concerning child parent relationships. The judges did justice in awarding Zweigenbom first prize at the festival.


Haaretz \ Michael Handelzaltz

Zweigenbom's one man show, with its heavy theme, has been produced with much thought to the many ways that it is presented, with an emphasis on the storytellers  skills, even in the improvised sequences, that appear as if they are happening in real time. Props, music and video projections, are all used in an impressive and professional manner, giving the plot a convincing and macabre reality, to such an extent that even at the end of the show it was unclear, at least to this spectator, if Zweigenbom really killed his mother or was it all just an allegory. But no, it doesn't really matter.


Habama \ Zvi Goren

Dor Zweigenbom, Actor and director, with his many years of experience and prizes , has just added the Theatroneto first prize trophy to his shelf, awarded for his acting and bold play that draws a picture of his relationship with his mother, peaking at the end in a dramatic meeting at the hospital, at her death bed.

Many genres are used in the play: Pantomime, physical theatre, standup  puppetry and props, with an upbeat direction by Hanoch Reim they integrate well with each other, orchestrated by Zweigenbom who dominates them all.

The show's structure moves from outrageous to funny, to spectator participation (At one instance one spectator was very cooperative) Because Zweigenbom uses his own name, and incorporates video clips by Simon Shor, one gets the impression that he is telling an autobiographical story – all except, for sure, the insinuation of the title, that he has killed his mother. The chances are high for this to become a cult show.


Theatre is easy\ Audrey Frischman  - at the Nyfringe

Dor takes on this difficult and personal story with applaudable creativity.I found the shoes-as-puppets scene to be the most intriguing of the bunch.As with many autobiographical pieces, it was hard to tell at times what was true and what was fictionalized. However, at the end of the piece, I left the theater feeling that I had shared in a true, intimate and brave moment in this man’s life.

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